Build an Arcade Style DDR Pad

1 - materials and tools
2 - solid panels
3 - ddr pad base
4 - acrylic panes
5 - supports and switches
6 - wiring the ddr pad
7 - finished ddr pad

7 - Finished Pad

Yes, I do realize that the socks are funny.  The picture is of  my mom's feet.  The buttons are X and O.  There are two on the other side for start and select.

I got the buttons at Radio Shack -- they're simple SPST (on/off) momentary (on only while pressed) switches.
Another shot of my mom "modeling" the pad/socks.

A lot of people love the socks, and a few say the don't like them (I'm surprised they got so much attention at all).
Going East anyone?
Ok, how about South?
Ooooh, shiny!

Ok, enough... go build and play!
If you would like to suggest something or comment on my metal ddr pad design, please email me at