Build an Arcade Style DDR Pad

1 - materials and tools
2 - solid panels
3 - ddr pad base
4 - acrylic panes
5 - supports and switches
6 - wiring the ddr pad
7 - finished ddr pad

6 - Wiring the Pad


I took this image from DDRHP's site because wiring the controller to the pad will be the same from the controller side. You connect a wire to up, down, left, and right, and one to ground. Then solder four additional wires to the one you connected to ground so that you have four ground wires: one for each of the arrows. Connect ground and up to the wires in the switches you built for the up arrow, and right and ground for the right arrow and so on.

If you are wiring the pad to have buttons for start, select, etc. Just add additional wires to ground and connect the corresponding button contact and ground to a pushbutton or whatever type of switch you use for the button on the pad.

Wiring a controller for a different console is a similar process.

If you still need help on how to solder a Playstation
controller check out these links for more help.

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I usually place the controller under either the top left or top right solid panel and then run the wires to each of the arrow panels from there.  You will need to cut holes in the 2x4s to allow the wires to pass.  I usually do something small like taking a jigsaw to the 2x4 for a few seconds and running the wires In The Groove (get it?  Ok, ok... bad pun).
If you would like to suggest something or comment on my metal ddr pad design, please email me at