Build an Arcade Style DDR Pad

1 - materials and tools
2 - solid panels
3 - ddr pad base
4 - acrylic panes
5 - supports and switches
6 - wiring the ddr pad
7 - finished ddr pad

1 - Tools and Materials

The first step in any project is to get your tools and your materials together and ready to build.

The tools you will need:
  1. Jigsaw
  2. Hand plane
  3. Electric drill
  4. Rubber mallet
  5. Tin Snip/Metal Cutters
  6. Solder gun/Solder Iron
  7. 1/8" drill bit
  8. 1/2" drill bit
  9. jigsaw blade for metal fast-cut

Right now you need to get all material we will use cut and ready.
Here is a list of everything and the correct sizes we need them to be.

3/4" (19mm) thick plywood We need 5 boards cut to 10 7/8x10 7/8 (276x276mm) and one board at 33"x33" (838x838mm).  This needs to be fairly precise, so you might get your local hardware store to cut it if you have never built anything before.  If the edges are not cut straight, your panels will not look uniform.  If they are not perfectly square, the rest of the pad will not fit together correctly. 1 panel of 23/32"x4'x4' (18 or 19mm thick 122x122cm) pine plywood $20.00
22 Ga. sheetmetal Five 12"x12" (30.5x30.5cm -- buy one or more larger sheets and cut down to size) panels. These go onto the plywood panels to make the solid panels on the pad. Steel sheetmetal 36x24 $19.97
2x4 (38x89mm) wood We will use four 33" (838mm)  2x4s to construct the pad. If you are unsure of the width of your plywood squares, I would suggest cutting these slightly longer so that you have extra room. If they are too long when you are fitting everything, you can cut them down to size. Two 2"x4"x8'  $7.86
1/2"thick (~13mm -- thicker is better than thinner) open cell weatherstripping This is going to make up part of our switches. Each strip will be about 5 1/2" (140mm) long, and you'll need four for each arrow panel. 1 box $4.98
shielded wire The wire will run from each arrow to the controller and also between the mending brackets under the arrow panels. Basically you'll need about 5 or 6 times the length of the pad. uknown price
.22" (5 or 6mm) thick plexiglass 8 10 7/8" x 10 7/8" (276x276mm) panels. These will be our arrow panels. .22"x24"x48"  $43.05
16 2" (50 or 51mm depending on what size is available) corner brackets The infamus corner brackets.  These hold the arrow panels in place 8 packs of 2" corner brackets(2per pack) $22.08
Console controller One console controller to solder to $4.97
phillips 10x1 1/4 (32mm) sheet metal screws" 56 of these. They come in packs of 50 or 100 usually -- look for ones that look similar to the arcade pad's bolts two packs of 50 $7.72
1 1/4" (32mm) drywall screws One box should more than cover it no price yet
Total Cost(not including items I don't have a price for and tax)$126.90