Wiring/Controller Hacking

In the picture above, you can see that I have taken apart a gamestop controller which I purchased at software ect. The gold contacts on the pad show where you will solder the wires to. On my dancing stage, I will have buttons for up, down, left, right, x, and triangle. For each button you need to have a direct connection to the circuitboard in 2 spots. One for the button function and another one for the common ground. The common ground wire on this pad is located on the far left side of the picture. You can tell the common ground by following the circuits. If one path leads to 2 or more gold contacts, it is the common groung that leads to all the buttons on the pad.

After finding out the paths of the circuits, you will need to solder wires directly to the circuit paths. After all the buttons that were up, down, left, right, x, and triangle have one wire coming from the contact, you will have to solder one wire to the ground spot on the pad. When the wire representing up, for example, is connected with the ground wire, it will complete the circuit.

Since the one ground wire will need to go to all of the buttons, it will need to be split multible times. When splitting the wires, you will need to use the above male/female connectors. There are 4 main buttons that will have 4 microswitches attached to the corresponding direction, therefore, the ground wire has to be split into 16 wires. These 16 wires will all lead back to the original 1.

This picture above shows all the wires soldered to the contacts before they have been split

Direct one wire to where the step will be placed on the pad along with the ground wire. Later on, all the wires will be in the right spot and be ready to be connected.

Once you split the ground wire into 18 places ( 4 for each of the 4 step buttons and 2 for the pushbuttons located in the back. It will look similar to this.

Coming Soon, Hooking up to microswitches (once i get them ordered and delivered)